The service you can acquire which is to be divided into 8-hours shifts or 12-hours shifts
According to the best security surveys, is applicable 365 days a year and includes the following crucial features:

1. Official uniforms
2. Nightsticks
3. Radios for a 24-hour communication with central units
4. Social security, personal life insurance and workmen's compensation for every guard
5. Mirrors check for cars and vehicles
6. Substitution during days-off
7. Supervision and back up of guards
8. Guns with licenses upon request (Extra Charge)
9. Hand Metal Detector (Extra Charge)
10. Bomb Detectors (Extra Charge)

MES provides the best in service and personnel and is changing the way the security industry is viewed by the customer.

The success of MES is based on building sound client relationships and understanding their needs.

Using the most effective security measures, we will ensure a superior confidential protection service for all existing and prospective clientele by providing an affordable cost and maintaining professionalism in all aspects of our operations.

Middle East Security is an elite group of highly trained protection specialists, having
extensive experience in guarding services. In fact we are eligible to provide the following:



Security services for: Banking/ Industrial/ Educational/ Commercial/ Residential/ Hotels/ Hospitals/ etc…

MES has a special program in place for the protection of our corporate clients.

We cater for all company and corporate events being functions, meetings or conventions, big or small, assuring that all persons attending are under the protection and supervisions of our specialist division.

MES deals with all professional companies and corporations that require the services of elite security personnel to maintain smooth and comfortable operating environments.

Special events security and planning

The MES specializes in planning and providing security for major events such as premieres and parties.

We can also:
-Coordinate transportation of guests
-Coordinate with local law enforcement 
-Provide discrete security for sensitive and private events. 
-Besides that, MES has defined its role on a national and international scale.

Movie & Television cast security

The MES has extensive experience in providing the best in set security.

We also offer: 
-24 hour on site set security
-24 hour on call personal protection for actors/actresses
-Transportation to and from set.

Parking management


The ease of flow in and out of parking or lots makes a lasting impression on the customers. We have the necessary expertise in managing the parking flow process and all the supporting surface of the operation. Our high quality standards, dedication to supporting and training our staff and attention to detail in.

Serving the customers first makes the parking experience stress free and positive one while providing the highest level of guest satisfaction.

Our trained, uniformed, courteous and insured attendants can provide your patrons and guests a convenient and affordable service that will truly become an asset to your business or individual needs.

Our valet service attendants put visitors at ease at the front door staging areas by performing their standard duties and functions including:

• Greeting and welcoming customers with a smile
• Opening and closing doors of the vehicles
• Providing information and directions
• Offering assistance with wheelchairs, child safety seats, packages, etc. 
• Holding umbrellas during inclement weather
• Controlling the flow of traffic to eliminate jamming
• Monitoring the front door area to assist with security
• Problem solving – flat tires, mechanical lock-outs, etc.

Our Valet Parking service not only accommodates the visitors, we can also serve employee parking programs and increase capacity.

The most important service rendered to a hotel guest arriving by car is the greeting by trained valet parking attendants. This greeting will assure them that they have come to the right hotel because their car is immediately attended to with care and personal attention. 

At MES, we provide outstanding services for hotel clients. Hospitality begins the moment a guest arrives at your hotel. MES is proud to offer the following:

VIP treatment for guests 
The parking valet expedites the parking and the retrieval of cars with ease. It is the commitment of Middle East Security to always deliver a lasting impression that is consistent with the level of excellence at your hotel. Our employees will thank your guest for coming to your place and be ready to assist with getting a cab and information on surrounding, attractions, and directions.

Effective Communications 
Our hands-on team of parking managers is always available for communication with Hotel Management. With the use of effective communication tools we can resolve any problems on-site quickly and efficiently with a minimum of visibility and disruption.

Hotel Events
MES understands the concerns in the special events division. The importance of well run parking needs and the movement of large groups of people are critical. MES works directly with the managers who facilitate private events like weddings, proms, special parties and corporate level, trade conventions, meetings, and trade shows, which generate considerable amounts of traffic. We add the needed extra staff, the executive supervision, and the control it takes to facilitate arrivals and departures that occur simultaneously.

Profitable Parking 
We pride ourselves in providing one of the most efficient revenue controls for hotels. Our inventory control system on cars has proven to be most efficient and accurate especially after the outstanding experience in Hotel Le Royal- Dbayeh, Regency Palace- Adma, Jeita Country Club- Jeita, Mir Amin- Beiteddine, Portemilio- Kaslik, Rimal- Zouk etc....

Executive /Celebrity Protection

MES can provide very discrete personal security to VIP's and international visitors.

You will be rest assured that you are protected at all time by our professional staff able to speak Arabic, English and French languages.

We also offer:
-Analysis of current situation and individualized protection plans.
-National and international service
-24 hour emergency number
-Direct communication to upper level management

Central Monitoring Station

Whenever your alarm system is monitored, in the event of an alarm, the control panel sends a message over a telephone line to a central monitoring station, which is manned 24 hours a day. After attempting to contact the homeowner, the central monitoring station will contact MES patrol vehicles in addition to our central office.

Training and seminars

The MES offers on-site personalized training and informational seminars. 

Here are just some of the classes offered:
Threat assessment and detection 
Tactical driving
Defensive tactics for clients
Practical handgun shooting


MES can monitor the activities of particular persons at your request and provide a detailed report.

We can survey:
Family law matters
Employees suspected of dishonest dealings
Underage children

Transportation of valuables

MES provides secured transportation for our client's valuables. You are assured that your assets will arrive safely at your defined destination, because our team is specially trained in this task and have the appropriate experience in transporting high-priced valuables. We utilize a methodical approach to the security transportation by employing the use of both, a transport vehicle and a scout vehicle that travels ahead to the destination. Both vehicles maintain constant communication during the procedure to minimize the potential for problems.